Nora S.P.A. located in its own property area in Santo Stefano Magra, has assigned about 63.000 square metres of its yard to the activity of depot for empty containers with a storing capacity from 6.500 to 7.500 teus and has 9 lifting equipment.
Approximately 5.000 square metres of covered areas are used as repair workshops and are equipped with specific machine tools for containers repair.

There are additional 2.000 square metres of covered areas used for anti-corrosion treatment activities ( shot blasting and painting) of industrial metallic components with 2 shot blasting booths and 2 painting booths which enable Nora S.P.A. to offer excellent quality and potentiality to the local market.
Nora has 1000 square metres of offices, warehouse and services where the entire activities are managed and controlled.

Nora spa

Nora S.p.a.: Strada Comunale di Bolano, 20 - 19037 Santo Stefano di Magra - La Spezia
Tel. +39 0187 632390/1 - Fax +39 0187 631545
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