Company history

Nora S.P.A. was established in 1983 from the already existing repair workshops and refurbishing centre of Tarros S.P.A. In 1984, Nora activity moved to the areas located in Santo Stefano Magra where its services as a marine containers depot were offered not only to Tarros but also to other companies operating in the shipping and container industry. In 1989 Nora Spa increased its activity in the shot blasting and painting business for special anti-corrosion treatment of steel and metal surfaces.
At present Nora is a depot operator for the main International Leasing and Shipping companies along and centre for shot blasting and painting treatment activities. In the year 2000, Nora Spa started new business activities: sale of second hand containers, conversion of 40’dv into 40’ot, and in recent years the containers rental and manufacture of office cabins/modular buildings. Nora is also planning to start up logistic activities such as packing /warehousing/distribution and import services.
In February 2001 Nora was awared by CISQ, part of the international network IQNET, the certification for its own Company Quality System in accordance with the rules UNI EN ISO 9002 for containers repair depot operator, and industrial, shot blasting and painting activities with Certificate CISQ n° 4619/01 and certificate IQNET n° IT-17107.
In January 2010 Nora was awarded the Environmental and Safety Certification 14000/18000

Nora spa

Nora S.p.a.: Strada Comunale di Bolano, 20 - 19037 Santo Stefano di Magra - La Spezia
Tel. +39 0187 632390/1 - Fax +39 0187 631545
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